But the author has been really understanding so maybe she’ll extend the deadline? I just let her know about the laptop issues so maybe

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#illustration adventures #like she knows that this is a really demanding schedule especially considering i'm a college student

Ohhhh frick I was looking at the wrong deadline and the next 2 pages are due thursday??? oh dear

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#i have them both sketched out on paper but i have not yet begun on photoshop #wow maria good 4 u #illustration adventures

So my laptop just ran out of power and I may not be able to get it fixed till fall break


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#it's in like a week and a half so that's not too bad but it's not ideal?? #my dad says i'd have to take it to best buy but it can be really expensive #so neither of us think me going there to get it done myself would be the best thing to do #and he says he has resources at home and can take care of it when i'm there but??? uughghg #why does everything happen so much

i’m told there are computers in the library with photoshop so?? even if this laptop is kaput then I won’t die maybe???

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#the deadline for the next 2 pages is october 5 so i have a little more time than i did with the first 2

Anonymous said:

hey, do you know what Andy's URL is? (I saw your PowerPoint and I loved it btw)

thank you!! it’s a really old powerpoint though; he deleted a while back so he could just have a private blog.

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am I seriously going to have to get this computer fixed oh goodness

I have illustrations to do???? why does everything happen so much

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my new laptop charger just stopped working?? is it something wrong with my laptop oh my gosh what is this

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"Les… What is this?"

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I don’t even understand what is happening but it’s pretty spooky


I don’t even understand what is happening but it’s pretty spooky

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